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Blac G Know What To Do With It (Illustra


Blac G is an independent American rapper, songwriter, and engineer hailing from Hurtsboro, Alabama. He released his first official solo project on October 3rd, 2019 titled "Know What to Do with It" to widespread acclaim by listeners of Hip Hop and Rap music. Blac G started making music with a group he created called ‘Ghutta Klic’ and later formed an independent record label by the name of 'Down the Road Bizness' (D.T.R.Biz). He went on to release the single "Get Somewhere" in 2020, setting the tone for originality and passion with a positive tone. Blac G has kicked off 2021 with singles titled "Just Call Me Doc" and "His Story" to break into the musical industry as a rising artist in the rich and varied genre of Hip Hop. Unafraid of being a nonviolent, deep thinking and artistic person, Blac G wishes to cater to different types of moods and musical auras without the use of heavy profanity. Throughout his career, his music has been characterized by multi-dimensional, energetic and catchy vibes. His stunning single "Get Somewhere" is a motivational song aiming to encourage the listener to get their goals accomplished no matter what or who stands in the way. Blac G is hopeful that he becomes an established and stable artist dominating the billboard and musical charts. He is intent on becoming the next big indie artist in the industry honing his musical talents and spirit and creating a catalogue of music that will financially help his career.

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